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Diversity on Wall Street

Providing diverse students with every resource needed to secure a top internship on Wall Street

Who are we?

Changing Wall Street for the better

Diversity on Wall Street is an international organization committed to mentoring, instructing, and supporting diverse students on their journey towards attaining top internships and full-time jobs on Wall Street.  Please click on the "Resources Offered" tab to learn about the multitude of resources provided to Diversity on Wall Street's members.

New York Office
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Who leads it?

Beckett Kreter | Founder & CEO

Beckett Kreter is a Hispanic junior at UNC Chapel Hill's Kenan-Flagler Business School. Last summer, he interned as an Investment Banking Sophomore Summer Analyst at Bank of America (NYC). This upcoming summer, he will be interning as an M&A Investment Banking Summer Analyst at Evercore (NYC).

Where do we receive offers from?

A wide array of top firms

Members of Diversity on Wall Street attain some of the best finance-related job offers on the market through the help of this organization.

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What Do Lessons/Trainings Entail?

Everything You Need To Get A Top Offer

On the left you will see a run-down of DOWS' weekly lessons/trainings, which include an analysis of current market news, a PowerPoint presentation filled with useful insights on a specific topic, hands-on practice assignments, optional homework, and more to get you 110% prepared.

Who is in the organization?

Hundreds of diverse students from around the world

Diversity on Wall Street is comprised of hundreds of diverse students from schools across the nation.









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